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We can give our warm recommendations to anyone considering going to Kyrgyzstan in general, and with Ecotour in particular! We spent two weeks in some of Ecotour's yurt camps, and it was a highly memorable experience. Ecotour was very flexible and had arranged a programme that suited our wishes perfectly.

Tom & Karin Airaksinen
Stockholm, Sweden




46-A, Donskoy Pereulok
720040 Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic


+996 557 802805 (English)
+996 772 802805 (English)
+996 555 913245 (German)
+996 700 584245 (English)


For people who only have a limited amount of time we have developed compact tours that will allow you to experience a flavour of the nomadic life and culture. The short programs can be done for this price between June 1 and September 1 - if places available.

Accommodation will be in one or more of our yurt camps up in the mountains from where you will be able to hike or ride a horse further into the mountains, and to swim in lake Issyk Kul. On some of our tours you will hear local children playing traditional Kyrgyz instruments, or see how our national drink, kymyz, is made from horse’s milk. Visiting shepherds living, with their families, in the high summer pastures is also very popular.

Below are a few examples of such tours. Depending on the length of your stay and your personal interests it is possible to include other activities. Unless otherwise stated transportation is by minibus.

If required an English speaking guide can be provided for the duration of the trip, but please note this is not included in the prices quoted.

Level of difficulty: A reasonable degree of physical fitness is required.

Minimum 4 participants.
Price: € 290 p.p.


Day 1 Depart from Bishkek. Visit Burana Tower and museum. Then onto Sonun on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul (1600m). Spend the night in a yurt.

Day 2
From Sonun onto our yurt encampment at Temir-Kanat (2450m). On the way to stop to meet a man hunting with eagles. The last 100 m of the journey is by foot or on horseback. 

Day 3
A day in Temir-Kanat: horse riding or mountain walking.

Day 4
From Temir-Kanat return to Bishkek. On the way a stop in Kyzyl-Tuu to see how yurt frames are made

Level of difficulty: Riders must be reasonably experienced.
Minimum 4 participants.
Price: €450 p.p.


Day 1 Depart from Bishkek, Visit Burana Tower and museum. Continue to Sonun on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul (1600m).

Day 2
On to the yurt encampment at Temir-Kanat (2450) by minibus, about 35km.

Day 3
From Temir-Kanat to Koltor, a 35km ride along the sides of the Tong mountains. Spend the night in the house of a local family.

Day 4
From Koltor a 30km ride on horseback to our yurt camp at Tuura-Suu (2200m), crossing over the Ala Bash pass (2365m).

Day 5 From Tuura-Suu to Bishkek by car.

Level of difficulty: Moderate.

Minimum 4 participants.
Price: €420 p.p.


Day 1 Depart from Bishkek, Visit Burana Tower and museum. Onto Sonun on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul (1600m). Spend the night in a yurt.

Day 2
On to Tosor by minibus for the start of a 4 day trekking tour.

Day 3
The route goes through remote mountainous countryside at altitudes between 2000 and 2700m.

Day 4
Your luggage will be carried by horses and you will sleep in tents. You will be accompanied by a guide and horseman.

Day 5
The end of the trek is our yurt camp at Temir-Kanat (2250m)

Day 6 Return to Bishkek by minibus.



Kyrgyzstan is a land full of beautiful experiences and wonders unique...
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Kyrgyz nomadic culture

This journey suits people who are interested in the nomadic way of life
and the culture of the Kyrgyz people.
We expect you to be a little adventurous, to have an average physical condition
and not necessarily to demand luxury.

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4 day tour:
An Introduction to Nomadic Culture.

Date on request   ???
Price € 295 p.p.
Group min 4

nomads in Kyrgyzstan


5 day tour:
Horse Riding in Tong.

Date on request   ???
Price € 395 p.p.
Group min 4

horse riding in Kyrgyzstan

6 day tour:
Trekking in Tong.

Date on request   ???
Price € 410 p.p.
Group min 4

yurts in Kyrgyzstan




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